Pivot+ Waterjet

Our new Pivot+™ Waterjet is now available for all your custom production cutting needs. It provides rapid, reliable, high-accuracy 2D, and bevel cutting. It uses a hair-thin waterjet stream that is ideal for cutting a wide range of materials.

Waterjet cutters create a narrow line in the stock material using a high-pressure stream of water. A wide range of materials can be cut with the addition of a granular garnet abrasive to increase cutting power. Waterjets cut without heat, preventing thermal distortion, and generally cost less than traditional cutting methods or machining.

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Diverse Cutting Capability

The Pivot+™ Waterjet effectively cuts most materials including:

  • alloys including Inconel® and Hastelloy®
  • carbon steel, stainless steel, hardened tool steel
  • laminates: acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, honeycomb
  • titanium, copper, and brass
  • composites, wood, and fiberglass
  • Teflon and Kevlar
  • plastics and acrylics
  • rubber and gaskets
  • glass, porcelain, and ceramics
  • granite and marble
  • open and closed cell foam

The Latest Technology

Pivot+™ Waterjet allows for highly advanced waterjet applications. The compact, low-profile cutting head delivers 5-axis cutting with taper control. State-of-the-art cutting technology provides high accuracy, rapid 2D to multi-axis cutting, and vacuum assist for laminated and brittle materials. Fully integrated 3D waterjet pathing and modeling software uses intelligent algorithms to automatically create the most efficient cutting path.

Technical Specifications

  • Linear straightness accuracy +-0.095 mm/m
  • Repeatability 0.05 g
  • Ballbar Circularity +- 0.095 mm
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