Steel Decks, Platforms, & Catwalks

Our state-of-the-art fabrication shop can design and fabricate highly durable, structurally stable steel decks, platforms, and catwalk systems for many industries. These solutions are essential for easy access to various industrial equipment, including tanks, industrial processing equipment, hoppers, and silos.

Our highly-experienced welding and polishing departments will produce the best final product based upon your specifications.

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Steel Tanks

KNG Mechanical manufactures the best non-pressured tanks and vessels available in Wisconsin. Our team of dedicated project managers, engineers, and certified welders work with our customers to provide solutions for a variety of industries and applications including dairies, breweries, factories, municipalities, and the pharmaceutical industry.

KNG fabricates high-quality custom tanks both in the shop and in the field using stainless steel and other alloys. We have experience navigating complex projects and constructing tanks up to 600,000 gallons.

Steel Handrails & Brackets

We create custom fabricated handrails and rail brackets for a variety of industrial and commercial spaces. Our railings and rail brackets are code compliant and based upon factory standard designs. Each handrail or bracket is customizable to your specific project and provides the quality, precision, and flexibility you want. Our products are customized to fit your specific dimensions and requirements.

Products include rooftop access ladders, railings, gates, and custom structural steel. Industrial maintenance services include fabrication or modification of frames and brackets and repair of machinery and equipment.

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