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Moving equipment and machines can be a complex issue. Many times the machine has to be disassembled before moving it and then reassembled at the new location. Our riggers specialize in working closely with our clients' to move their equipment across the country, across town or just within the plant.

Experienced rigging personnel are the key ingredient to a successful move and we handle every aspect of the move. We coordinate with your trucking company, hire the crane and operator, and our riggers safely move the machine.

We support our rigging personnel with the proper specialty equipment such as, air skates, gantries, rollers, and carts to efficiently get the equipment moved and up and running. Often times moves come up quickly, and we're able to respond because our gang boxes are loaded and ready to roll.

If your business needs help with the next move consider KNG Mechanical's riggers. To help protect your interests, we also carry riggers insurance.

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